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boxerevolution's Journal

The Society of the Harmonious Fist
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FAQ about the Society of the Harmonious Fist

What is the point of the Society?

Well, those of us in the Society always strive to be harmonious with our fists, and praise ninjas and vikings whenever possible. NINJAX RULEZORS

What if I'm not a big fan of ninjas and/or vikings, or if I don't particularly feel like being harmonious with my fists?

Then why don't you go back to the community for SISSIES and stop wasting the Society's time with your foreign devilism!!@@#$ VIKINGS ROXOR

Aren't ninjas and vikings completely sweet?

Do fishes like water?

Can we also praise the sexy sweet maintainers Sean and Nicole?

*sigh* We suppose so.

What does the society do?

As mentioned, we fully recognize the awesome power of ninjas and vikings wherever and whenever possible. We also advocate xenophobia, Confucianism, and how much Christians suck and discuss these topics at great length.. as well as pretty much whatever else we want. Finally, we promote awareness of the Boxer revolution, the Confucian scholar-gentry, and the Society's goals.

Should I join immediately?

Of course!